And Now For Something Different.

So with Earl out of town on business again yesterday I decided to do something completely different with my bachelor life. After working my temp job for an exhausting five hours (how do these crazy people work eight hours a day?), I met up with our friend Marc. I’ve known Marc for a very long time. He’s a good guy and also the owner of the bar that I DJ at. We met up at the bar where we completely cleaned and rewired the DJ booth. With the turnover of DJs over the past couple of years, different folks have been pulling random wires, turning random knobs and basically creating random chaos with the sound system, resulting in a mediocre sounding audio orgasm from a top-notch sound system.

We don’t like mediocre.

When all was said and done with yesterday’s project, I can now say with a grin that things VIBRATE throughout the bar when the music is playing, but it doesn’t intrude on the bar area so that people can still have a decent amount of conversation. I am pleased and I believe Marc is as well.

Since we were having such a gay ol’ time we decided to tackle a few other things and before you know it we were tied up in a few projects throughout the rest of the night: firing up the video system for the bar, moving furniture out to the farm that Marc just bought, eating dinner out, coming up with ideas to promote the bar and whatnot. Before I knew it was time to come home and catch some sleep before school today.

I miss Earl a lot when he is out of town and it’s probably better to get out and socialize when the opportunity arises.