April 6, 2008


After a busy weekend in Connecticut, I am back and home and settling in with the books for the evening. I have two major exams tomorrow and a total of four major exams this week. Apparently a memo or something went out to all the professors at school that read, “synchronize your exams to apply maximum stress.” I’m counting the weeks left in this semester. At least the counting is math that I can handle.

The Connecticut Gay Men’s Chorus gig on Saturday night in Norwalk went well but not as stellar as I would have preferred. The guys did a fantastic job (as always) of performing but there were a couple of sound issues including wireless body mics that weren’t turned on and a sound board that was a little cranky. I ended up doing some rewiring during the intermission. The audience was entertained but I was stressing through the performance. About 30 seconds into the performance a man came down to the sound board and waved a note in my face that said, “Can not hear vocals”. That’s always a cheery way to start the show. Apparently some people thought the lighting was too bright and they complained about that as well. Sigh. We do what we can do. It’s always a balancing act: if I turn the instrumentals down too far then the performers can’t hear the music and start singing softer. If I turn the instrumentals too high, then the guys start having a hard time singing over the tracks and the audience can’t hear what’s going on. During the pre-game the sound system sounded incredible, so I don’t know what changed. I blame gremlins. The final show is in New Haven at the Shubert Theatre on the 19th of April. The current plan is to have both Earl and I in Connecticut that weekend.

Earl and I took a walk along the canal in the spring sunshine this afternoon and talked about a bunch of stuff that partners talk about. It was a good way to relax and it was good exercise as well.