April 13, 2008

That Was Quick.

I can not believe it is Sunday night already. The weekend flew by at a remarkable speed and now I’m wrapping up my studies in preparation for the big Calculus test tomorrow. My goal is to at least pass the thing. I might just do that.

My head aches from memorising formulas and my ass aches from sitting in a chair too long. Weekends were made for bike riding, exploration and relaxation, not derivatives, limits and functions.

On the bright side, we did squeeze in a shopping excursion in which I bought seven pairs of jeans and a shirt for $80. Let’s hear it for Steve & Barry’s! And the clothes remained intact when I washed them. To make the day even brighter, I bought smaller clothes that fit quite well. I guess I’m not as big as I thought I was. At least not in the clothing department.

I had two nights of successful gigs and received several compliments on the music, though few danced. I guess people don’t like to dance when it’s raining. Maybe the crowd was odd. They liked the music though.

Now I’m going to curl up with my computer, pop in an Isis DVD and wait for Earl’s return from poker. Hopefully he’ll bring home some loot.