April 4, 2008


Earl commented to me last night that I haven’t been very feisty in the blog lately. I have to admit that life has kept me busy for the past several weeks and I haven’t focused on blogging as much as I have in the past. I don’t know if it’s a lack of inspiration, laziness or a lack of creativity that’s been plaguing me when it comes to blogging but something hasn’t felt quite right for me and therefore I haven’t put as much time into the process. Perhaps it’s this latest bout of the sniffles that I’ve been dealing with.

Speaking of the sniffles. I occasionally hear or read comments from others about the “supposed Global Climate Change” (i.e. Global Warming). “It’s snowing here, where’s this Global Warming they’re all screaming about.” Global Warming/Global Climate Change refers to a relatively drastic CHANGE in our climate. Snow is Las Vegas, for example, would be a result of Global Warming/Global Climate Change because “something” has affected the weather patterns enough to make it snow when or where it shouldn’t. I’ve quipped before that people aren’t going to believe that “something” is changing with our environment until one of the Great Lakes evaporate or Syracuse becomes a desert resort, but I don’t think it’s working that way. What does this have to do with the sniffles? There’s a lot of people sick in these parts and I think it’s because it never got super-cold this winter. While it got chilly with temperatures down around 0 (fahrenheit), it never fell below that and I think that is what kills many of the germs that make us sick. The flooding of the planet isn’t going to wipe us out; the germs that hang around when they shouldn’t will.

Now that I’ve talked about the environment and have thrown out my theories, let’s see what else is rattling about in my mind. I’ve lost complete interest in the Presidential election. Hillary continues to shoot herself in the foot (I agree completely with Sean and her usage of ‘gay rights’), Barack rings hollow to me and McCain is an antique. ‘Nuff said. Call me when it’s time to pull a lever.

I recently learned that Driver Educators in this area are not teaching their young students to turn right on red because it’s “too risky”. They say that said drivers should wait until they’re more confident behind the wheel before they turn right on red. What a completely assinine approach to teaching drivers; said teachers are teaching _habits_ and students should get in the habit of turning right on red when it’s legal to do so. It keeps traffic moving; if it was a risky move a prohibition would be signed. By the way – in New York it’s legal to turn LEFT on red if you’re turning from a one way street to a one way street, so don’t get angry when I honk at you to snap you out of your ignorance.

Last rant: my math class is still out of control. Professor Frightful and his cast of voices can not complete the material before the end of the semester without tacking an extra five minutes to each end of the class. He’s now moving so quickly that I have no idea what my notes mean as I write them and when I ask a question (which is rare for me, as I’m usually a silent observer), he says that we have to move on. I’m not the only one that gets this response; we all do. “You’re going to fast!” “We need to get through the material.” I chant nightly, “five more weeks, five more weeks, five more weeks”.

Adult Swim.

This (and it’s counterparts) video is a couple of years old. Part of Cartoon Network’s “Adult Swim”, I find them to be absolutely brilliant and hilarious.

Enjoy the New Adventures of the Wonder Twins. Update: Just for the record, I have always *loved* the Wonder Twins. Next to “Oh Mighty Isis”, they have the coolest chant and sound effects when they use their powers.