A little after 8 a.m. we all sat down in “Statics” class (think physics for engineers) for our midterm. This is the class where many talk when they shouldn’t. On Monday the full class meets and then on Wednesday and Thursday we are split in half for lab time, my lab obviously being on Thursday. The professor decided to give the exam during lab so that we could go on Spring Break with a clear head.

I think I was a little shocked today when the professor made this announcement: “From now on, if you have to go the bathroom during the exam you’re just going to have to hold it, because you can’t leave the room until you finish the exam. And if you leave the room, you can’t come back in.”

Apparently in yesterday’s lab someone completed the exam and then waited outside while students would make like they were going to the bathroom, help them out a bit, and then the same student would return and answer questions on the exam.

I find this disturbing in many respects, especially since being a transportation or civil engineer involves design and building things that the public uses on a daily basis. Safety is of the utmost importance! If you’re going to cheat your way to your degree, how safe is that bridge you designed going to be?

I finished the exam with relative ease. One question was tripping me up and after futzing with the problem a LOT I finally just went with my gut instinct. As I handed the exam in, I showed the professor my answer to this question and whispered, “Is this right?” She nodded. I can go on spring break with a clear conscience about that exam. I feel good.

Now it’s time for Professor Frightful’s midterm. I’m so excited I could pee.