March 18, 2008

No Need To Evacuate.

Back in August 2003 Earl and I drove to Wisconsin on an extended vacation. We made the drive in mid-August and had a wonderful time visiting Frank Lloyd Wright’s home and other touristy type places. While the trip was wonderful, this trip is memorable because every hotel we stayed at had a twist – the fire alarm would go off in the middle of the night and we would have to evacuate our room. This happened several times on the trip, once during a violent thunderstorm, another time due to rowdy college kids pulling fire stations and the third time was a fire alarm system malfunction.

It’s been several years since we’ve had to evacuate our hotel room and we chuckle when we think about that adventure.

We’ve been in Las Vegas for six hours. The power is currently out on one end of the strip, including several casinos: Excalibur, Luxor and Mandalay Bay. Generators are keeping the slot machines and elevators running, but the restaurants, common areas, retail establishments and bathrooms are completely dark.

I guess this hasn’t happened in a long time in Las Vegas, but folks are just going about their business and making the most of it. Earl called me (I was walking on the strip at the time, he was in a poker tournament) to make sure I was o.k. and once he heard my voice he went back to his hand. He doesn’t get excited about these things. I made my way down the darkened strip and found him and we rode a generator powered elevator back to our room. The hall lights were out but the vending machines worked.

Time to toast a diet pop.


Earl and I are officially registered at the Luxor through Saturday. Originally scheduled to stay at the tower, we decided to upgrade the room to the West Tower where there was a king sized bed available. We are not into doing the Lucy and Ricky thing with twin beds.

The flight out here was acceptable. We bumped over Chicago otherwise it was a smooth flight. Being the smallest of the row I was assigned the center seat of three. Earl was to my right against the window and a man sat in the seat along the aisle. He spread his arms and feet as wide as possible in an effort to claim his space. He didn’t really need to do that as his Burger King meal, and resulting gas stench, were fine in marking his own real estate.

The movie on the flight was “August Rush”. I had never heard of this movie prior to the flight and I opted to pay the $1.00 for headphones that I get to keep forever and ever amen. The movie was great and I would like to own the DVD or rent it on iTunes.

I’ve already gambled my $10 for the day. I put $10 into the slot and three spins later I walked away with $70. It’s a good way to start the vacation.

Earl is on his way to the first of several poker tournaments. I plan to do some shopping as I’m on the hunt for a fierce pair of sunglasses. Boy watching is always an option as well. I will be armed with me camera in case of something woofy.

Syracuse Hancock Int’l Airport.

Earl and I are parked at Gate 21, waiting for our 10 a.m. boarding for our flight to Cleveland, Ohio. From there we are on our way to our final destination of Las Vegas. We’ll be in Vegas until Saturday.

All the statistics scream that less than 10% of the computer users out there use Macs. Within eyeshot I see one HP, a white MacBook, a MacBook Pro, an iPhone user using his MacBook and my PowerBook. I’d say in this rural Upstate New York airport the statistics are vastly different. I wonder why that it is.

Just for the record the TSA folks do not enjoy my “should I get naked for you?” comments. One response was “please, no”. I think I should be offended.

Our internet connection at home came back up on schedule at 9 a.m. Our internet now goes down at 11 p.m. and comes back the following morning at 9 a.m. I am having a hard time trying to get Time Warner to understand that concept. They want to send out a technician on every trouble. I tell them that it’s a waste of time.

Earl is taking care of business on his cell phone. He’s in “General Manager” mode. He isn’t barking at anyone though. The girlfriend of one his business associates freely shares the fact that she is turned on by Earl because he is a man of power. I giggle, he’s just my lover.

We’ve just added a black MacBook and a midget HP to the computer mix in the terminal. Statistically the statistics have not changed. I keep showing Earl the black MacBook and how nice it looks on the man’s lap. He says he’s picking up what I’m laying down.1

I am looking forward to some desert air. It’s going to be a good trip.

1 “I’m picking up what you’re laying down” is a phrase I picked up from my friend Christine. I don’t know where she found the phrase but I like it.
2 I still love the superscript thing that Moby does.