March 17, 2008

Uhura Quality Communication.

A while ago I vowed I would never do anything with ebay again. Naturally I lied. Today I sold a piece of audio software (ProTools) that has been sitting in my studio for the past several months unused. I’m slowly building up funds to buy my next computer and selling items on ebay is one of the better ways of generating said funds. Granted, ebay is not as pleasurable as selling myself on the street corner, but then again, I’ve never paid for it so why should I start charging.

Anywho, I am ebayer from way back and I firmly believe in leaving feedback as appropriate for both buyers and sellers. I generally leave feedback as soon as I receive payment on an auction, and it usually reads like this:

Warp speed payment, a fine citizen of the ebay universe, live long and prosper!

I’ve been doing the Star Trek approach to ebay comments for as long as I can remember. Reviewing the feedback left on my behalf in the past, I’ve discovered that I’ve set a little bit of a trend. For example, this was left on a clock auction I won a while back:

Warp Speed PAYMENT, Uhura Quality COMMUNICATION, Peace and Long Life!

And this was left on a hard drive I sold last year:

The only way shipping could have been faster would have been by transporters!

I guess it’s good to spread some James T. Kirk geek love throughout the galaxy.