March 7, 2008

Blogged Anxiety.

Sometimes I just can’t take the pressure. Knowing that I have a deadline occasionally makes me a little bit anxious about a situation. For instance, I can’t take the pressure of having bananas in the house. We can go to the market and pick up bananas that are greener than a shag carpet from the 1970s, but the moment they enter our house they turn browner than the border around the aforementioned shag green carpet and then I have to chuck them down the disposer. While the bananas are doing their thing, I feel guilty for not overdosing on potassium and eating a banana with every meal. I can’t take the pressure of bananas turning brown. It’s just me and I’ve learned to accept that.

I have my blogroll set up on an RSS feed. Every hour various computers throughout the house grab the latest blog entries from the 50 or so blogs on my to-do list (the computers then compare their lists and resolve them to one tidy list, which I can access from anywhere in the house; I’m such a geek.) The majority of blogs that I follow are those of sexy gay guys. I also read various geek and tech blogs geared toward your typical über computer user. Said blogs are complimented by a smattering of video podcasts that I watch and audio podcasts that I listen to. I also compliment the audio podcast lists with broadcasts from Irish radio, as I like to know what’s going on in Dublin, wanting to live there and all.

So imagine the panic I feel when I see that I’m falling woefully behind on my blog reading. 10 unread blogs. Joe.My.God. posts a bunch of entries and then its 17. Y-O-Y does his thing and there’s another three making 20. Karl writes every morning, sometimes Sean goes right crazy with the number of blog entries in a day (which I think is a good thing, by the way) and then there’s all the technology blogs and before you know it, 40 unread blog entries in two hours.

Since I’m a college student and all, we must also factor into the equation my sitting down and actually writing a blog entry. I have so many things to say but after reading the stack of blogs that I read on a daily basis I find myself sounding like a parrot. On the other hand, sometimes I feel like I bitch about the same things over and over again: most drivers suck, cell phones should be shoved up the owner’s ass, I love Dublin and wish I was there, my collegiate experience is interesting when you have a professor named “Professor Frightful and his cast of voices”, I’m oscillating back and forth between Mac, Linux and Windows, I have a lot to do with no time to do it, the list goes on.

My blog anxiety is occasionally superseded by my e-mail anxiety. If I don’t answer an e-mail within a day it’s likely that I won’t answer it at all and that’s just rude of me. I know it’s rude of me. Since I’ve had an e-mail address since 1984 you’d think that I’d be better about it but I’m not. I still have an e-mail from Labor Day 2007 hanging out in my Inbox that I haven’t responded to. Our friends in Wyoming probably think we were vacuumed off the face of the earth.

It probably sounds like I’m in some sort of continuous panic about these things, but I’m not. Just venting them on my blog has relieved the anxiety somewhat.

I think I’m going to go answer that e-mail now.