The Back Bedroom.

So it’s not even 9:00 at night and I’m lying in the new bed in the back bedroom surfing away on the internet. I’m wicked tired tonight and I attribute that to no sleep last night worrying about today’s exams and the appropriate amount of studying I did yesterday and today. Tomorrow is the last day of classes before spring break. Thank goodness there’s only one quiz in Physics (what goes up, must come down, instant A) and a lecture from Professor Frightful and the voices in his chalkboard.

I’m lying in this bed because this is the room in the house that’s used the least. I wanted to see how this new bed and mattress feels; I have to admit that it’s quite comfortable. It was a good investment. Tom doesn’t know what to make of Daddy lying on the bed in the spare room but he still purrs with contentment. I guess he’ll purr anywhere.

Earl and I went out for supper tonight to one of our favorite haunts, Zebb’s. It was frightening in that within eyeshot I could spot three mullets (with obligatory baseball hat) and one really bad hairpiece. Even the one beer I had didn’t help the scenery.

I made a video this afternoon after my calculus test but I don’t think I’m going to post it as I’m worried about overloading the blog with video clips. When I’m just rambling I feel exceedingly boring when I watch my stuff; it’s better to post video of things that are actually interesting.

An iSight webcam shot will have to suffice for the night.