Routine Change.

Sometimes I get so hung up in my daily routine that I forget how marvelous things can be when you change it up a little bit. I’m so amused by simple things.

Today I took my lunch at 11:00 a.m. I’ve never done that before. The were less cars on the road. I actually got to see our neighbors working in the lawn (he’s weedwhacking down their vegetable garden for some odd reason, but I’m not one to ask questions why) and I was greeted at the front door by a groggy looking cat that wanted to know why I was home so early.

Truth be known, I also came home early to down two Advil, since I had a tooth that was hurting me a little bit and I wanted the pain to stop. I’m hoping that’ll be it as far as the tooth is concerned, but only time will tell. I think I got too wild with the electric toothbrush last night before going to bed.

Nevertheless, I’m sitting here in the late morning eating lunch and I’m fully enjoying the experience. I’m so easily amused.