March 6, 2008

Everyone’s Doin’ The Dunkin’

Earl and I live less than one mile from a shopping center. In it’s heyday it housed a “Nichols Discount City” and a “P&C Foods” grocery store. It fell upon bad times in the mid 1990s and everyone except the post office moved out. A local realtor bought the property, sunk a bunch of money into renovations and now it’s at 100% capacity once again with specialty shops and the ever-present post office.

Today they broke ground on a brand new Dunkin’ Donuts. I wonder how loud the donuts will call out for us around 11:00 at night.

They’ve also announced plans to build a new car wash. We’ll have the cleanest cars in the county on our donuts run.

Grand Altogether.

Today is turning out to be a grand day. There isn’t any particular reason for the grandness so I guess I’ll blame the abundant sunshine. The sky is crystal blue, the snow is melting and spring is definitely in the air. Let’s see if this storm they’re croaking about for the weekend comes to fruition.

Thursday is my busy day of the week with three classes crammed into five hours. My surveying professor surprised the class by taking us outside for the first time this semester. We staked out a curve that we designed in class. It was a great chance to visualise what we are computing in the classroom AND it was a wonderful opportunity to drink in the sun.

Professor Frightful and the voices in the chalkboard, on the other hand, is losing control of the class. I will say that since I endured this experience last semester, I can see that he is right on schedule for complete loss of control by midterms. Folks aren’t doing their homework, people chatter on through class and the class average falls right down the toilet.

And to think we pay money for this!

I had a chat with the professor that I felt that I let down with my test score. She’s also my advisor. It was a good discussion and I think she was a little taken aback by my passion for civil engineering and all things roadly. She seemed a little surprised at how much I brought to the table as far as field observations go and she told me that I am going to be a very valuable asset to anyone that hires me, I just need to get beyond the exam anxiety. She’s right, and I already knew that. I think that exam last semester (the one where I seized up to the point of panic) threw me off my game further than I thought. I’ll just have to remember to grab myself by the balls, wear a watch so I know what time it is and just do the damn exams from now on. I know the material, it’s about time that I started proving it again.

With the beautiful weather today, I am shunning my traditional military boots in favor of my “rugged sandals” for my afternoon classes. It’ll be good to stretch me toes.

What’s Up, Pussycat?

Here, kick your day up a notch. Watching this certainly brightened up my day. It’s easily one of the best television theme songs of all time.