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The day didn’t start as well as I had hoped it would. I awoke late, realizing that Earl was out of town on business. Luckily, he called me to wish me a good morning. He asked if he had woke me up. Of course I lied. Hearing his voice from two states away put the day back on track.

The sky was full of sunshine. The thermometer showed 50 degrees as of 9 a.m. I decided to shuck the boots for the day and went with sandals instead. I’m not hypertrendy as I’m not wearing socks with my sandals, but I feel übercool wearing jeans and sandals. I don’t know why.

My one class today went well. Today’s lecture was in my Sociology class. Classmates were awake and actually participating in the discussion. There wasn’t any of that awkward silence that comes about when no one has completed the assigned reading and the professor is desperately trying to engage someone, anyone, in the topic at hand (I usually start saying things to try to spark my peers – it occasionally works.) At the end of class my professor announced that we would (finally!) be getting our papers back. We had to write a paper back in early March. It counted for a quarter of our grade for the semester.

Imagine my relief when I discovered that I got a “98” and an “Outstanding!”. I hate to brag, but I was so relieved that I did this well that I almost teared up right there in class. I never felt comfortable with the paper as I didn’t know if I had a handle on the topic (we had to write a critique of a sociology journal article – I tend to stray into all opinion territory, which you may find hard to believe.) Must be I didn’t stray as far as I thought.

When I came out of class the recent change in weather hit me like a delightfully welcomed hammer. It felt like spring. The air smelled like spring. The sun shined brightly and the sounds of music were coming from another hall on campus, not to be drowned out by the songs of birds hanging out in the many trees around the quad.

So now I’m sitting on the front porch, drinking in the sunshine, watching the planes land at the local airstrip and just enjoying the sounds of nature and rumbling man made flying machinery.

I noticed our little lilac tree is the first in the yard to start showing buds. Hibernation is definitely behind us.

Hello, world!