We have big theatres in NY.

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Earl and I went to the movies tonight. We haven’t been to the movies in quite a while because, well, we haven’t really seen any movies advertised that really tickled our fancy. Couple the lack of interest with the recent rudeness of the general public in a movie theatre and it’s easy to see why we haven’t made the effort.

Eager to bask in the second day of sunlight in these parts, we went for a ride in the Jeep, passing through the local resort area on our way home (many camps and the amusement park on Oneida Lake are still closed for the season). We ended up in the city of Rome, where we stopped at the locally owned theatre and took in the showing of “Blades of Glory”.

I wasn’t prepared to enjoy this movie. I’m not a Will Farrell fan. However, I was pleasantly surprised. While I wasn’t rolling through the aisles complaining about the stitch in my side from all the laughter, I was amused during the movie and actually enjoyed the experience.

I took a picture of one of the massive auditoriums in the megamovieplex we go to.

I don’t know if “Blades of Glory” is destined to be some sort of Rocky Horror type show, but apparently two of the people behind us thought it should be because they shouted out lines and interacted with the screen as if Magenta and Columbia were doing the Time Warp. We didn’t mind though, it kind of contributed to the experience in an absurd sort of way.

On a health note, I went on my first real bike ride of the year. I’m still glowing from the adventure. I look forward to taking another ride tomorrow.