1. I’d love to have a baby face. In my opinion (facial hair ages). I’ve been trying to get Charlie to get rid of his forever.My vote …..Baby face

  2. OK, no fair. You post 2 pictures: one with facial hair (yummy, love it) and one in a Captain Marvel Jr. T-Shirt.(My comic geek meets pretty man lover and I came a little) How am I supposed to choose? Here’s my 2 cents: you will be most attractive when you are comfortable with the look you sport. So Whatever feels most natural for you will look best. I think your delicious either way.

  3. It’s not facial hair that makes you the man you are. Whatever you decide works for me. Only you can live with yourself.

    Oh my gosh, you’re all so deep! 🙂 -J.P.

  4. Does my opinion count? After 11 years you’d think I’d have something to say about it!

    Yes, your opinion counts. -J.P.

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