Pumped Up.

Pumping Gas.

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The weather has been absolutely miserable today. The wind is blowing like crazy. It has been snowing all day. The driveway was filled up with snow drifts within an hour of my cleaning it out. I’m sort of sick of it.

Since I had to go to school tonight I had to venture out in this nasty weather. Naturally, I had forgotten to get gas for the Jeep when it was warm so there I was, standing at the gas pump fearful that my balls were going to freeze to my leg or something.

It was fscking cold.

Now I don’t know if this is statewide or some weird sporadic thing upstate, but in Oneida County we, as the most taxed citizens of the Empire State, are forced to stand with our hands on the gas nozzle while we’re putting a tiger in our tank. In most other states, usually warmer locales I may add, you can put the nozzle in the gas tank and prop it open with the little flappy thing and then jump into the car to keep warm. Then the pump will pop off when your tank is full and you can jump back out of the car and finish up your business.

Not here. They’ve (meaning “the man”) have taken the little flappy thingees off the gas pump nozzles. So there’s only two ways to prop the nozzle open so you can get in the car and get warm: 1. Bring a screwdriver and jam it in the nozzle which might not let it turn off automatically when its suppose to or 2. jam your gas cap in the same spot. Unfortunately most modern cars have their gas cap tethered to the vehicle now because people were leaving them behind or putting them in their purse. So we are left to hold the nozzle in rain, sleet, snow, wind and other weather related calamities.

I’m suspecting this is because someone, somewhere at a gas station went crazy and dowsed their spouse with gas and then lit them on fire or something and then sued the gas station owner. So naturally, because we do not let natural selection do it’s thing anymore and weed out the stupid people, we are all forced to act to the lowest common denominator.

I hate that.

It’s like these morons in New Jersey that won’t allow you to pump your own gas for fear of going crazy with the nozzle (like we’re going to drink out of it or something) and demand that an attendant scratch up your car with said nozzle instead. Usually while the attendant is smoking.

To make a long story short, my fingers are numb from pumping $37.50 worth of gas into the jeep and my patience is long gone. And don’t even get me started on the fact that gas has gone up 30 cents per gallon in a week for some secret reason that nobody knows about.