Where’s the Seat Belt.

Gaming Sunday.

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Earl and I originally had plans to go visit my sister and my dad and stepmother in Syracuse today. However, Mother Nature decided that we needed to have everything coated in ice and snow, so we thought it’d be best if we stayed at home and treat today as one of those winter-time January Sundays.

We’ve spent the entire day playing “Project Gotham Racing 3” on our Xbox360.

I’ve become quite good at not dropping f-bombs while racing the streets of New York in my Astin Martin or my Corvette. Earl, on the other hand, drops blue words like candy. Always the humorist, Tom puts his ears back when he hears the profanity. His latest exclaimation was “Where the fsck is the seat belt?”, referring to the fact that he had ripped the steering wheel controller right off the table it was clamped to and had tried to pound the pedal assembly through the floor.

I am very grateful that I decided to buy the Xbox360 instead of the new Wii for our household Christmas present this year, because I’m positive that a Wii controller would have sailed through one of the family room windows or the screen of the television within the first 48 hours of playing.

We’ve always been proud of the way we’ve decorated our house, including the family room. I can’t wait to see what the new gamer chairs we have our eyes on add to the ambience.

As I just crossed across the room to go to the restroom, Earl promptly barked out “Don’t cross in front of me! I’ll hit ya!” Now that’s the love I always talk about.