Muskogee, Oklahoma.

US Route 62 and I were very well acquainted today.

I followed US Route 62 from Lubbock, Texas to Lawton, Oklahoma today. Rural Texas is an interesting drive. I would jump off the main road and roam the nearby “downtown” or business districts when the opportunity arose. As it is Sunday the busy places in these area were the churches.

Storms are a bit scarce on this trip. I noticed some storms starting to kick up in Northeast Oklahoma, so in Lawton I jumped on the turnpike and made my way around Oklahoma City to Muskogee. I’ve seen some flashes of lightning this evening but that’s about it.

I did find a couple of interesting portals/tunnels under the railroad tracks in Childress, Texas. I drove through them in each direction because I could. At first I thought Apple Maps was routing me through a drainage culvert but they’re really the street.

Once I got settled in Muskogee I went to a nearby restaurant and sat at the bar. I ordered a bowl of chili and they asked “do you have Fritos with that?”


Storms will continue to be scarce for the next couple of days. I might start heading home on Tuesday, taking my time and exploring all back roads back to Tucson. I might go by way of Kansas or something.

While my primary focus of this trip is storm chasing, if Mother Nature isn’t cooperative, there’s still plenty of other things to see. I’ll have to hope she feels a bit more spicy during Monsoon Season this year back home or something.