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Tonight I am retaking the math portion of my college placement test. At the urging of my advisor, I have scheduled myself for the basic college math course even though I don’t currently qualify for it. When I first took the placement exam, I missed the benchmark by a couple of points. Realistically I should be taking the remedial course (since I haven’t taken a math course since 1985), but since I scored relatively close to what was required, she felt if I studied up a little bit I might be able to fudge my way in.

I didn’t think you were suppose to study for a placement exam, but who am I to argue.

So I picked up a college level Algebra I book and have since been swimming in a sea of “x”s and “y”s. Honestly, I wish they were chromosones because then it would be much more interesting. But I’m getting through the self-tests relatively unscathed and I must admit that I’m somewhat enjoying the experience.

I also had my first of two MMR immunizations today. I had to go to the county health clinic to get them. Everyone there is sick and the building is dreadfully old, dusty and depressing. The American health care system is truly as sad state of affairs. The shot wasn’t nearly as bad as I remembered from when I was a kid and I have a get out of jail free card to show when they try to pull me out of class in the first part of February (for not having all my immunizations), since I have to wait a month before I get the final shot.

All this so I can make the roads safer for the driving public.

I have to admit that when I went on campus today to turn in my immunization paperwork, I felt a surge of excitement as I walked between the buildings to the student center. I can’t wait for school to start.

Even if it means I’ll be in the Math for Dummies course.