Wonder Blogger Powers, Activate!

Earl and I are back in the hotel after a great afternoon in Boston with fellow blogger and now our friends Karl and Randy. There really was no need to be nervous, as we had a wonderful time.

Since we’re staying on the edge of Chinatown, we decided to have lunch in Chinatown. Despite the fact that we had to ask for our drinks several times, despite Karl who had this intriguing concoction called “bubble tea”, lunch was delicious and we had great conversation. I’ve had this nagging hunch in the back of my head since we got here that something had decidedly changed since I lived here back in the day, and Karl reminded me of it: the “combat zone” is pretty much gone.

After lunch we went for a walk to the south end, where we did some wine tasting and picked up some wine for Thanksgiving dinner and then did a little shopping at a gift shop. I overheard Randy and Earl talking about how Karl and I were chatting up a storm as we were walking along Washington Street. The afternoon was wonderful and we look forward to meeting up with Karl and Randy again. They’re great guys.

We took the obligatory pictures before saying our good-byes.
New friends in Boston.

Tonight Earl and I going to enjoy some dinner, do some sight-seeing and then probably go out for a couple of drinks at The Alley.