November 8, 2006

Good For You Arizona.


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Have I ever mentioned how much I love Arizona? Yesterday the voters of Arizona struck down a constitutional amendment that banned domestic partnerships including civil unions and gay marriage. They’re the first state to do so.

Thank you Arizona for not being cowards.


I wasn’t going to say this but I figured what the hell. I’ll admit that when I got up this morning, turned on CNN and saw that the Democrats had gained control of the House and are thisclose to doing the same with the Senate, I got choked up a little bit with happiness. When I saw that Elliott Spitzer, a proponent of gay marriage or civil unions, was elected as the next Governor of New York, I shed a few tears of joy.

The winds of change are here!

Now we should have some realistic checks and balances going on in Washington again. It feels like the insanity cycle is finally coming to an end.

Eat Your Veggies.

I’m finding myself in good spirits today. I’m a little surprised by this because Earl is out of town on business and in order for him to catch his flight this morning he had to get up at 3:45 a.m. and make a lot of noise in the bedroom and bathroom. And flash a few lights on and off too. I was able to catch an hour or so of sleep after his departure, but it was still early when I got up and I’m easily not a morning person.

I’m attributing my good mood to vegetables. You see, Earl and I went on a desperately needed grocery shopping run and stocked up the cupboards and refrigerator with moderately healthy stuff, including a nice variety of raw vegetables. Earl packs the lunches in our merry little household and always slices up some vegetables and packages them up as a daily compliment to my lunch. I love eating raw vegetables, even onions (to the dismay of my co-workers) and I suspect they contribute to a sunnier disposition.

Maybe Mom was right when she said to eat my vegetables.