Drop Kick.

I don’t know who the Einstein was that thought that there should be a scale in our hotel bathroom this past weekend. I mean, did they think that I would pretend it wasn’t there and not weigh myself? Certainly not. You’d think for $159 a night I could escape the guilt of my eating habits but no, there’s the scale, waiting to remind me that my fitness routine is at a stand still.

The hotel scale does “airborne” well. It held up much better than the digital scale we have at home.

I don’t know what I thought would happen when I jumped on the scale Sunday morning. I mean after Saturday’s tasty lunch in Chinatown, a stop at Bertucci’s for supper, a cannoli and a chocolate chip cookie at Quincy Market and a beer at The Alley, did I really think I was going to spin a low number on the blasted thing? Of course not. To celebrate the fact that “tilt” didn’t pop up in glorious technicolor, I had three waffles, half a pig of bacon and some hash, all swimming in maple syrup, for breakfast. Then it was on to D’Angelo’s on the Masspike for lunch, where I was quite proud of myself for only having a medium sandwich instead of the large.

Today it was vegetables, fruit and a dollop of tuna for lunch. And water. Lots of water. I’ve peed more today than I did the entire weekend.

At least the “tilt” light is still off.


I guess I should be working when I’m at work, and I do manage to be productive, but today I’m guilty of a little bit of chatting while I should be working. I guess it’s harmless since it was very quiet at work today, but I could easily see me falling into the habit of chat, chat, chatting away over IM while I’m troubleshooting a customer’s internet issue at the same time.

I was also quite chatty at my appointment with the local community college today. I met with one of the representatives from the Office of Adult Student Services (or something close to that) in an effort to get everything in order so that I can return to college in January. The meeting went splendidly and I found myself to be quite talkative, especially when they were asking why I chose to be a Civil Engineer focusing on transportation. I used my standard, “I want to make traffic!” line before explaining what I felt I could contribute to the motoring public, besides my terrorizing cell phone using drivers and assorted hand gestures out the sunroof of my rice burner. I’ve been surprisingly motivated about my education decisions but today I really got excited about the whole propsect of getting my degree. It’s a matter of three words now: “I can’t wait!”.

Cue Nu Shooz.

The first thing I have to do is take a placement exam next Monday night so they can be assured that I can write and speak English goodly, in addition to subtracting addition while doing algebra on geometry. “A seamstress has four yards of fabric on bolt ‘a’, three yards of fabric on bolt ‘b’ and six yards of fabric on bolt ‘c’. How much material will be required to cover Debra Messing’s clavicle?” I say screw the dress and give the woman another donut.

I’m sure the experience will be loads of fun.