Home Again, Naturally.

Earl and I are back home after the weekend in Boston. You’d think a big geek like myself would remember to bring along the AC adapter for his PowerBook, but no, I forgot it and the battery went dead last night right after I uploaded the pictures to yesterday’s entry. So we were completely without computing capabilities for almost a full 24 hours.

I did not experience the full withdrawal symptoms I thought I was going to. I did get a little sweaty though.

Last night we ended up going to Bertucci’s for dinner and then walking around the South End a bit. After a brief “disco nap”, we took the T to Haymarket and walked around Quincy Market and picked up some dessert and did some people watching. I love to people watch. People are so fascinating, even when they’re not trying to be fascinating. We then walked through Downtown Crossing and went to The Alley, where we ran into a couple that I knew one half from years and years ago. (How’s that for sentence structure?) He remembered me from my club DJ days and I remembered him from the same so we chatted a bit and hung out with his husband and he (they’re legally married – yay Massachusetts!). His partner is a fireman on the South Shore. The conversation was interesting. The eye candy was eyepopping and the drinks were good. I limited myself to one beer and then water or diet soda so that I could make the walk back to the hotel without being one of those street drunks.

This morning we did some obligatory roadgeeking by driving several different ways through the Big Dig before heading home. There is still one section closed and I believe it’s where the couple was killed several months ago when the ceiling literally came down on their car. I took a few back roads getting home, driving along Route 2 to Leominster and then driving south through Worcester and picking up the MassPike there. By the time we were reaching home it was snowing, but nothing major.

Tomorrow kicks off a week of on-call and the start of the crazy holiday schedule. I’m actually looking forward to it all.