November 3, 2006

Little Surprises.


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Earl ordered this t-shirt for me before our trip out west last April. It arrived this past week. Talk about being back-ordered a long time! Tonight was the first opportunity I had to wear it. I love it.

We’ve also been debating about adding another computer to our merry little household. I need a, gulp, Windows based computer for school. I had seriously considered upgrading my PowerBook G4 (Mac) to a MacBook Pro so that I would have the latest and greatest Mac notebook that would also be able to dual boot to Windows as needed. However, we found a great deal on a kick-ass HP notebook at Circuit City which made purchasing the MacBook Pro a little bit unnecessary. After all, I’m still in love with my PowerBook and I kind of like having the separation of a “serious” computer (the HP) for school and my “play” computer (the PowerBook) for everything else. So I’ve taken a small leap into the Windows world for educational purposes. But I’m still a Mac boy at heart.

Weekend Rev-Up.

Here, have a fun song to rev you up for your weekend. I certainly miss the days when dance music was good!

Company B, “Fascinated”.

Breathing Space.


Sometimes you just need to take a few moments and reset your batteries, especially on a Friday afternoon after a busy week at work. I had a little comp time to use after last week’s on call so I thought I would take this afternoon off and catch up on some laundry and other domestic issues and do a little work on my websites. I’m listening to some music through iTunes while I geek a bit on the internet.

I finished my first adult education class last night and am proud to say I earned an “A”. The next class starts this coming Tuesday, it’s basically level two of the CAD program I’m learning. I’m looking forward to continuing the experience. This next class has a project due at the end of December so that will be keeping me busy.

Earl and I were originally going to go to Virginia this weekend to do some clock swapping with another school clock collector, but Earl isn’t sure when he’s getting out of work tonight and there was a chance that we had commitments this weekend so we’ve postponed that trip. We’re probably going to do something, we just haven’t decided what yet.

Tonight we’re joining my sister for dinner in Syracuse as she’s back from Russia for a few weeks and there’s not a lot of time to get out there and see her. We’re looking forward to the visit.