Edgewood, Md.

Well I’m settled in for the night just north of Baltimore in a town called Edgewood, Md. I love Hampton Inn. No matter where you go, there they are. I’ve checked in with Earl several times, who is en route to the Eagles game in Tampa with his brother. I have to admit that it is very odd (and in a way, somewhat depressing) for us to be having sort of separate vacations. This is one of the rare times that I can say that I’m glad I have a cell phone, because it allows my fingers to do the walking right to my partner, where I can hear his voice, anytime, anywhere and I don’t feel so quite alone.

I just went to the shopping plaza down the street, where they have a Wal*Mart and a Target Greatland in the same plaza. I found this to be quite odd. I walked around both.

Now I’m catching up on my blogs, fooling around with the digital camera a little bit and getting ready to call it a night. I’m still messing around with my route for tomorrow and Sunday; I guess only time will tell where I end up. I know that I’ll be home late Sunday afternoon so that I’m ready for work on Monday.

Only the fates know what lies on the path in the meantime.