October 8, 2006

All Dressed Up.

All Dressed Up.

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Earl and I are back home after a wonderful weekend with his family. We’re all settled in and he’s watching the Eagles take on the Cowboys as I type, I’m waiting for the washing machine to signal that’s its time to move clothes from the washer to the dryer.

I am so domesticated.

The wedding and reception were both very enjoyable. His whole family is so beautiful both inside and out. I had just enough to drink to keep the festivities interesting, to the point where I was going to let our 16 year old nephew take the Acura out for a spin since he thought it was such a nice car. I think I surprised Earl with the gesture (though he did not have a heart attack), in which he was then relieved that our nephew can’t drive a stick. I wasn’t about to let him learn how to drive a stick in the RSX; I wasn’t *that* intoxicated.

Nevertheless, chalk it up as trying to be the neat uncle in the aunt slot.

After the reception, we got together with Rick (Earl’s stepbrother) and Helen at the bar in the hotel we were staying at and just hung out, watched some baseball and made some travel plans for next year. Rick and Helen were the witnesses to our commitment ceremony nearly ten years ago, next year they’re going to tie the knot and have decided to do so in Ireland. They’ve asked us to join them for the ceremony.

Good thing I have a passport!

So now we are making plans for our first trip abroad. It’s a little over a year away, but I’m already looking forward to the journey.