October 25, 2006

New Jersey!

I never thought that I would say this to myself, let alone in public, but perhaps New Jersey isn’t so bad after all.

Take a look at what changed my mind. New Jersey took a very big step in a positive direction today. Now if they’d only do something about 1. the traffic and 2. that nasty accent.

I’m Not Bitter.

Earl’s cake did not win a prize yesterday at the company hee-haw harvest dessert contest. While people were polishing it off in great numbers while I was there, no one was voting for it. Not even after I broke the ice by voting for it myself.

What do they know?

You know what did win in the Great Dessert bake-off? First place went to candied/caramel apples with your choice of nuts, candy corn or chocolate flakes as a coating and second place went to a a lively frosted dog made out of twinkies.

First of all, the caramel apples were brought in by a saleswoman who didn’t have to leave halfway through the gathering so that the other half her department could go to the party. So she had the opportunity to work the crowd by cutting up the apples and walking around offering them to people. Show a little leg and score yourself another vote.

Now the dog made out of twinkies was cute but I felt it was a rather low blow by going for the cutesy cartoon approach coupled with the use of twinkies. My friend Christine (who brought two delicious chocolate cakes) says next year she’s throwing some frosting on a cardboard cut out of a dessert to see if she wins a prize that way. I’m glad she’s going for the effort because I’m not stepping foot in another work sponsored dessert bake-off again. These fools would be happy with a McDonald’s Apple Pie for goodness sake. Maybe that’s what I’ll bring next year, McDonald’s Apple Pie.

Luckily, I’m not as bitter as I really could be because my co-worker Ryan made a delicious rum cake where he had tripled the amount of rum called for in the recipe.

So let’s toast to the desserts that should have won and all have another piece of rum cake.