October 5, 2006

He Eats Tacos!

When I got back to work this afternoon I just knew that I had jinxed myself by my lunch time blog entry. Here I am proclaiming that I was eating healthy and sticking to it in order to reach a “magic number” by Thanksgiving.

That “magic number” must be two. Because I just downed two honking big tacos from the local Taco Bell not five minutes ago. I chased them down with a big gulp sized Diet Pepsi because after all, I am counting calories.

Before dashing off to school I had some popcorn made with PAM and iced tea. Doesn’t that sound sexy? I wasn’t even in the classroom yet when I started thinking about food. Any kind of food. The teacher talked, I paid attention and went through all the exercises we were given but I couldn’t stop thinking about food. What did Wendy (to my left) have for supper tonight? Does Dan (to my right) like diner food like we do? He seems like the type. Then the instructor mentioned he was going grab a snack after class because he’s been running around like a maniac today. I wasn’t even running around and I was feeling like a maniac. I wanted Taco Bell. NOW. Damn the convenience store down the road from us for getting rid of their Taco Bell franchise license. DAMN THEM. So I drove over two towns and whipped through the drive thru window and got myself a combo number one.

The food was freakin’ awesome.

I find it rather comical that I can’t be talking on a cell phone here in New York State while I’m driving, but I can balance a Taco Supreme on one leg, drive with the other knee and shift between bites and slurps and not get a ticket for it.

So here I am admitting it. I eat tacos. I love them. And you don’t even have to call me Anastacia Beaverhausen.*

*See your local Will & Grace fanatic if you don’t get the reference.

Cabbage Patch.

So I’ve got this vegetarian thing going on again. I know, it runs directly in conflict with my love for BBQ joints, but I figure we can still go to those places, I’ll just have to eat corn on the cob and whatnot.

I’ve been maintaining my weight pretty well since losing around 35 pounds at the beginning of the year, but there’s a magic number I want to hit before Thanksgiving and I am determined to do it. I probably could achieve it a little easier if I got my butt to the gym but with school, on-call and social obligations, I’m not up for working out at the gym at 2:30 in the morning. I hear the place is quite popular then, so who knows, it might be interesting, but I’m too lazy to do that.

To think that on several occasions in 1990 I set the alarm for 3 a.m. so I could go tanning!

With all the health conscious people and crazy diets floating around our fine nation these days, it’s not hard to fine something vegetarian at any given restaurant. “I’d like a Whopper without the Whop.” That usually goes over the BK drone’s head, so I end up saying “leave off the meat”. I know, I could opt for a BK Veggie Delight but it takes something like an act of congress and a bunch of glares and sighs to get one of those at the closest BK.

Now if Wegmans would locate a little closer to us so I could enjoy the “Nature’s Place” section, I’d be golden but for now I’m relegated to the local Hannafords. It could be worse. I could be limited to Price Chopper where they think vegetarian includes “Vegetarian Baked Beans with Bacon”. “Are these beans vegetarian?” “Yes, just as the sign says.”, replies the deli clerk. “Why is the bacon on there?”, to which she replied, “For flavor of course!”.

I think tonight I’m going to have a BBQ steak salad without the steak. It’s yummy.