October 18, 2006

Questions from the Floor.

I’ve installed a new commenting system on here so that I’m not bombarded with spam as I have been in the past. I’m not a huge fan of forcing readers to register in order to leave comments so that’s why I’m going with this new system.

In honor of the new commenting system, I’m inviting anyone that stops by to ask me *anything*. I’ve been commenting on other blogs about the merits of being an openly gay man and this is sort of a test to myself to see if I really am. So feel free to ask me anything. Anything at all.

I’ll answer all questions right here in the blog, for everyone else to see.

Almost Time.

Almost Time.

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Bleary eyed and barely awake, I drove into work this morning in darkness. I’ve griped about how much I hate daylight saving time in the past, and I’m saving my latest rant for when we get closer to the change in a week and a half.

While I love “the dark”, there’s just something wrong about starting your day at work while it’s dark outside.

Clueless, As Usual.

Since I didn’t come home for lunch yesterday and because I had school last night, I am catching up on my daily blog reading this morning. It has been very interesting, and as usual, proves yet again that I am completely clueless about some things as I exist in my own little rosy world.

Apparently some bloggers are accused of plagarizing material from another blogger. They change the names, alter the location, and viola “the very same thing happened to them!”. Word for word! To me that’s just wrong. Now I will admit that I have found other blog entries quite inspiring over the years, inspiring enough for me to write a similar story of something equally as interesting/humorous/etc that happened to me. But the thought of lifting material from another blog without giving the original poster their props has never crossed my mind. I’ve borrowed pictures, I’ve lifted quotes once or twice, but I’ve always directed my gentle reader to whereever I lifted the stuff from.

I guess I’ve never thought of blogging as a competition. But then again, I’ve always lived in my own little existence.