Lunacy: Sponsored By Mundanox.

Every day I have another reason to believe that the world has completely lost its mind. Today is no exception. This is really old news that I was just made aware of, but the fine folks at Ford now recommend a particular brand of gas for their vehicles. This recommendation is made by emblazoning the gas cap with the said oil company’s brand colors and a recommendation statement from Ford emprinted on the gas cap.

Detroit, we have a problem.

If I were to own a 2006 Ford Focus, I would be going against the manufacturer’s recommendation for my fuel needs because it would be at least 150 miles in any given direction to get this brand of fuel.

Now that puts the “convenience” in convenience store.

Why does Ford feel that they have to recommend a particular brand of gasoline to their customers? Do they really recommend this brand or are they getting paid lots of money to recommend this brand? What makes it better? Are they encouraging their customers to shun the local Mom and Pop store down the street in favor of this huge oil corporation simply for the sake of sponsorship money? Gag me a dipstick.

Marketing and commercials have become entirely out of control. I can’t get onto ebay now without a popup asking me if I want an ebay credit card. Dude, I just want to browse and waste some money on some junk. You can’t watch a movie in a theatre without being bombarded with commercials for up to 45 minutes before the previews even start. Attractions at the State Fair are all sponsored: “Welcome to the Verizon Center of Progress Building.” Like Verizon and “progress” have ever gone hand in hand. What’s next? Hospitals slapping a sticker on the forehead of a newborn, “This hospital recommends Pearly White Toothpaste for all children”?

When does this insanity stop?