August 10, 2006

Another Step Toward Crazy.

The news is flooded today with word of a foiled terrorist plot to blow up several airliners en route from the United Kingdom to the United States. The security threat level has been raised to “Red” for flights from the U.K. and “Orange” for all other flights. New security measures are in place at airports prohibiting any sort of liquid being carried onto the plane, since the terrorists were planning on using liquid explosives.


The world has become such a complicated place. As time marches on, we expect things faster. We expect things now. “I need to be in San Francisco for dinner.” “I want to go to Dallas to go shopping.” “Meet me in Miami for the rave.” Sometimes it feels like things are going to get so extraordinarily crazy that somehow the world is going to do a massive reboot and we’ll all start from square one again. I wonder what that “reboot” is going to be.

I know that when Earl gets home from being out of town, we are going to discuss our travel plans for February. We are going to Florida for week to play with The Mouse.

And we’ll be driving.

It’s not that I’m afraid to fly, because if I could fly us down there myself I would do it in a heartbeat. I’m most certainly not afraid of flying, as I’ll jump into my dad’s open cockpit airplane and fly upside down over Lake Ontario. No, it’s about the inconvenience. I don’t want to deal with the high airfares, the screaming passengers and the general b.s. that comes with air travel these days. I’m just not in the mood to deal with it. Put me on the road, give me a day or two and let me drive there.

It’ll keep me from being a little less crazy.

Yay For Theme Week!


Blogger Jimbo has been featuring “70’s Porn Mustaches” this week as his blog theme. I think it can go without saying that I have been enjoying the tribute very much.

Thumbs up to Jimbo!