August 16, 2006

New Toys.


Earl and I have been playing with Tagada, our new Mac Mini all night. One of the programs included is called “Comic Life”.

I really like this program. It’s a whole new outlet for my superhero creativity!

I also took the opportunity tonight and created a little photo album of beach shots from Southwick Beach State Park. You can take a peek here if you so desire.

Say Hello to Tagada.

A New Member of the Family.

Originally uploaded by bluemarvel.

There was a slight tingle at the base of my neck. My spidey-sense was kicking into overdrive as I made my way home for lunch. As I pulled in the driveway and looked at the front door, the tingles turned to sheer excitement as I saw a package had arrived.

The new Mac Mini has arrived!

Earl and I have been talking about buying either a gaming console or a computer for our home entertainment system. We’re fortunate enough to have a pretty big flat panel television and it was just begging to have a computer attached to it, affording us the opportunity to play games, archive some stuff off of the satellite and browse the web from the luxury of our sofa with a really big monitor.

Overtime pay has been cooperative in the sense that we were in the position to make the purchase, so I went ahead and embarked on the excitement of purchasing a new Mac through the online Apple Store. Few things excite me more!

It has been dubbed “Tagada“. Why “Tagada”, you ask? Good question, let me tell you. Being a very proud geek, we have more computers than your average household. I would bet to say that we have more computers than all the people that live in the apartment complex down the street put together. And being as eccentric as I am, I like to keep the computers names based on a theme. Since computers are my playground, then it’s appropriate for them to be named after amusement park rides.

The server in the basement is “scrambler”.

My PowerBook is “tempest“.

The studio Mac Mini is “himalaya”.

The linux computer is “trabant”.

The little server in the basement is “ticketbooth” (since it gives out authentication tokens to the others).

And it goes on and on from there. Thankfully, Earl has learned to be patient. Tonight, I fire Tagada up for the first time. If you need me, I’ll be parked on the couch playing Sim City.