Lying Low.

With this weekend being part of my on-call schedule, Earl and I have spent most of the day around the house. Well, actually the whole day, save for Earl going grocery shopping and a quick stop at Best Buy to buy a microphone for the PC in the basement. (Since my family has adopted MSN Messenger to chat with my sister in Russia and amongst themselves, I resurrected an old IBM computer in the basement so that I could be part of the fun.)

I wish I could say that we have been wildly productive today but in all honestly we haven’t done much except eat and fluff a load of clothes that had been sitting in the dryer for a couple of days. Actually I changed the thermostat in our bedroom in hopes of getting the heat to work in there but that didn’t do the trick. I guess we’re going to have to pay a furnace man. Here’s hoping he’s hot.

With the impending mad rush of the holidays, I really think Earl and I needed today to just sit around and do nothing. I’ve played around in the music studio a little bit, I’ve picked out a couple of cookie recipes to mess around with tomorrow and I’ve put the laundry in reasonable piles, destined for the washer and dryer tomorrow.

I thought about saddling up one of these dust bunnies and taking a spin around the dining room table, but that would have been too much work.