Even though yesterday was Monday, today is my Friday. Yep, it’s an on-call week and to compensate for this I need to rearrange the days of the week again. To celebrate this joyous occasion, I have requested that Mother Earth take it’s time with the rotation tonight and slow down just a bit to make this the longest day of the year. I like to think that I have that power.

I must admit that it is an absolutely gorgeous day today, a perfect way to kick off the real beginning of summer. I have a couple of things planned for my day off tomorrow but nothing strenuous. I want to save the strenuous stuff for work on Thursday and Friday when we officially kick off the Big Project that I am taking part in for the company.

I have found just one thing that I miss from having the iPhone and that’s using Instagram. I am taking just as many pictures as I did before, in fact I’m taking more photos than I did before because my HTC Thunderbolt has a gorgeous camera. It just dawned on me when typing this sentence that I can easily share these photos with my Tumblr account. Perhaps I’ll do that. Flickr is too much work at times and I’m not big on sharing every single photo I take on Facebook. I can’t groove on Facebook like I can other services or even on this blog. I don’t know why this is the case but I’m sure it’s just one of the many quirks of my personality.

Since I have been letting the beard grow randomly and untamed for the past seven weeks, people are starting to notice and make comments. I’m often asked when it is going to be trimmed down for summer. I tell them that I might consider it around my birthday (which is in mid July). They ask if it itches. I tell them no, as I no longer have fleas.

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