August 24, 2006

Dr. Doolittle.

So the whole animal experience continues on. If it wasn’t bad enough that the garage, which was temporary housing for Tom, stunk to high heaven with that unmistakeable skunk smell, I padded down to the kitchen to get started for the day and found a dead bird lying at the door.


I look out over the swimming pool and find two beautiful deer standing next to it, ready for a picture. Except the camera is upstairs.

So I go to get the camera when I look out the front door on my way to the stairs and there are over 30 turkeys of various shapes and sizes standing in the driveway. I continue my trek to get the camera when the deer dash off and the turkeys start heading around the other side of the house.

I lost all interest in the photographic moment at that point.

So now it’s lunch time and Tom smells decent enough to be allowed in the house, but the garage is still stinking. I have bowls of vinegar all over the place, as I read somewhere on the internet that that is what you’re suppose to do. Hopefully the house will smell much better when I get home from work later this afternoon.

I think we’ll go out for supper tonight.

You Smell Pretty.

Just as I was getting ready to call it a night last night, I was suddenly treated the unmistakeable scent of a skunk. Somebody’s cat or dog had picked the wrong animal to argue with and was now paying the price.

Then I remembered Tom was outside.

The last couple of times I smelled a skunk, Tom was innocently on the front porch awaiting his chance to come in the house. Not last night though. Of course not. I turned on the lights on the back deck and there he was, eye swollen shut from getting sprayed, right in the face. I could smell him through the door.

It only happens when Earl is out of town.

I herded him into the garage (ever trying herding cats?) where he carried on like a madman and I figured out my strategy. I grabbed some old towels, finally cornered him and got him in the kitchen sink where I washed him with everything but the kitchen sink. Shampoo, dish detergent, vinegar.

He then spent the night in the garage.

This morning he doesn’t smell too bad but the garage stinks to high heaven; I think it needs to be aired out. I’m probably going to leave the garage door open all day and hope some miracle wind comes through and wipes out this stench.

Such a lovely adventure.