August 13, 2006

Beach Bliss.

There’s little more that can make me happier in the summer than a weekend at Southwick Beach State Park. The weather was picture perfect with a nice breeze blowing off the lake and the daytime temperature around 70. The water was actually warmer than the air, which made swimming that much more fun.

Earl and I hiked down through adjacent Lakeview yesterday, walking about four miles along the beach before turning around and heading back to the state park. It was the furthest I had ever been down the beach from Southwicks and the walk was very relaxing. There were a few sunbathers scattered here and there but for the most part it was Earl and I and Mother Nature. We decided to take advantage of the desolation and go swimming without bathing suits. 38 years old, a native of the area and it was my first time skinny-dipping in Lake Ontario! Whoo hoo!

Last night we watched the sun go down over the lake and then settled in front of a blazing campfire. I made my traditional batch of popcorn over the hot coals of the fire and it came out pretty good. At least it didn’t resemble a piece of charcoal when I dumped it out onto the plates.

This morning we were up around 8:30 a.m. and off the site by 10:00. NYS wants you off the site by 11:00, we figured we’d give them an hour. We’re now settled back home for the afternoon, catching up on chores and getting ready to tackle the work week.