August 3, 2006

Plan B.

Last night was one of my busiest on-call nights ever. I was able to only clock in 1 1/2 hours of sleep before having to get up and get my day started. It hasn’t slowed down at work today but at least it feels like there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, so I’m managing.

I had hoped to sneak a catnap during my lunch break. I thought if I caught 20 minutes of sleep I would be able to chase away this headache that’s lurking about and I would just be able to deal with the rest of the day.

The nap didn’t happen.

When I drove into the driveway, I noticed that the lawn service was here doing their weekly thing. There’s three of them this week, all younger than 25, all quite buff, all quite tan and well, all very hot.

Three men doing lawn work shirtless will perk me up more than any nap, so I guess I’ll just go with Plan B and watch the guys work.