In 15 minutes is the keynote address from Apple CEO Steve Jobs from the WWDC, the Worldwide Developers Conference. He’s expected to give us a preview of the latest version of Mac OS X, Leopard, and perhaps reveal some other new goodies that’ll get us Mac-fanatics all worked up in glee.

I’ve become very Mac centric again over the past week or so. My Linux computer works well enough, it’s just not easy enough to use. I always end up back on the PowerBook.

I have dreams of moving the servers in the basement over to a Mac or two in the near future. Let’s see if Earl wants to play along! When we win the lottery, I’m going to buy everyone in my family and a select group of friends and fellow bloggers a state of the art Mac. Then I’m going to fill the computer labs of three school districts with all Macs.

You read it hear first.