Nine years ago…

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It was nine years ago today that Earl and I said “I do”. With Earl’s brother Rick and his girlfriend Helen as our witnesses, we stood at the end of the docks at Penns Landing in Philadelphia on December 26, 1996 and exchanged our vows; our commitment to one another for the rest of our lives. And when we said “I do”, we really meant “I do forever.” There’s no escape hatch, there’s no emergency exits, there’s no bailing out; we are both in it for life.

Every relationship has it’s high points and not so high points. Do we spend every single solitary moment together in marital bliss? Of course not. Are we happy? We’re beyond happy. I can still look at Earl to this day and not help but smile, even in the most heated of arguments (which are somewhat rare, thank the Universe). Earl and I are truly best friends and have a bond that absolutely cannot be broken. We celebrate all that life has to offer, the ups, the downs, the in-betweens. We are quick to take on any adventure as a unit of one. Whether we’re driving across the country in our Jeep, visiting with family or dealing with work-related stress (or arguing about money – he saves, I spend), I like to think that we tackle it head on, souls united.

Life constantly brings us new challenges and adventures. I am fortunate to experience it with my life partner.