Where would we be without technology? Here it is Christmas day and for the first time in my life, I’m not going to see my sister in person to celebrate the holidays, since she’s currently living in Moscow (the one in Russia) with her boyfriend the hockey player.

I miss her very much. We never fought much as kids and she usually went along with any scheme I had, whether it was to host a huge parade at my grandparents utilizing all my cousins, a few wagons and a smattering of batons or the time I was driving her to town to pick up contact lens solution with dad’s truck, even though I couldn’t drive a stick at the time. (I slowed down to a crawl so she could hop out in front of Ames, then I did laps around the parking lot until she hopped back into the moving truck). My sister has been at my side through thick and thin.

Thank the Universe for technology. I’ve forgiven her for using MSN Messenger (instead of the iChatAV compatible AOL instant messenger), but it’s nice to be able to show Christmas presents and chat on the webcam, even though we are literally thousands of miles apart.

David and Jennifer