Disco Bunny Proud.

Disco Bunny Proud.

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Oh my goodness. I thought I had lost this 12-inch single when I quit spinning at the local bar a couple of years ago. It’s my limited edition copy of Reba McEntire’s “You Keep Me Hanging On”, on pink vinyl! It has a “limited edition” serial number and everything.

I remember purchasing this single when Earl and I were first together. Earl and I were in Boston buying music and were looking for the cover of this song we had heard at Hillside Campground the week before. Being the cocky DJ that I was, I couldn’t lower myself to ask “DJ Mediocrity” (that how I referred to him) who the artist of that track was, so we looked around the bins at Tower Records and figured out who it was.

I love this record! I’m going to record it into my iTunes collection.