The Ride Home.

Dash Home.

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For the past year or so I’ve been in the habit of running home at lunch time to catch up on blogging and any light household chores I might have to do. It’s also a great way for me to break my work day up, lose some stress and keep my head focused on whatever I’m suppose to be focusing on.

I’m fortunate in that my work building is only six miles or so from the house. As you can see by this photo, the roads aren’t very busy when I dash home from work and time the traffic lights just right.

Even though traffic is light, sometimes I feel like I’m driving through a video game where random objects are thrown in front of you and you have nanoseconds to make a split decision; should I run over the little old lady from Pasadena that’s driving 25 on the freeway or should I slow down and give her some navigating room. It can be a tough decision to make.

One other thing that I’ve noticed on the “mad dash” is that people are not turning right on red anymore, something that’s been perfectly legal in these parts since 1974. I don’t know if it’s from a lack of education for our younger drivers or because people are too busy trying to drive, put on makeup and/or shave and talk on the cell phone while driving their Land Yacht through the city. While I used to become frustrated by this, I know chalk it up to another obstacle in the aforementioned video game.

It doesn’t cloud my clarity if I keep things in perspective.