Just A Saturday.

Earl and I spent the day doing a little shopping and enjoying the early autumn in the Jeep. We made the obligatory stop at the closest Apple store in Albany and picked up a few goodies. I thought I had Earl talked into an iMac or a G5 tower, but the time isn’t quite right yet! So we settled on a couple of firewire hubs to hook up our gadgets simultaneously and some notebook stands for my PowerBook and his iBook. Since we both use our notebooks as our primary computers, these little stand things make them much more comfortable to use.

We also saw “Flightplan” starring Jodie Foster. I really enjoyed the first 3/4 of the movie, but I found the last part to be a little anti-climatic but still good nonetheless. It was a sold out show and I only heard one cell phone ring during the entire show, so the four or five “turn your cell phone off now” messages prior to the movie seem to have done the trick. I highly recommend the movie; it’s good to see Jodie Foster back on the big screen.