Hit The Ground Running.

There’s a certain feeling of adventure when you tackle your morning routine with an unbridled sense of urgency. I’ve mentioned that I enjoy my sleep very much. I try to sleep until the last possible second before getting ready to take on the day. It’s not because I’m dreading getting up or anything, I just enjoy my sleep.

Jumping onto IM before taking a shower is always dangerous. You see one of your friends online, say hello, and then the merriment starts. When you’ve slept until the last possible moment and then hit the ground as a social butterfly, instead of a productive member of the American workforce, you can run a little late. So you slap two pieces of turkey between mustard laden bread, give the cat his piece of turkey, drink a glass of cranberry juice, eat a bowl of raisin bran while taking a shower at the same time (kidding), shave and brush your teeth while sitting on the john (still kidding), iron your clothes while you’re wearing them (am I kidding?), kiss the cat, put on the pager and then jump into your car and fly down the expressway at 80.

I love mornings.