This Bloggin’ Is Bitchin’.

When I was a kid, I always had to be reading something. The newspaper, a magazine, my grandmother’s “old ladies’ paper” (Enquirer, Star, etc.), a sci-fi book… it didn’t matter, if I wasn’t watching television or goofing off in the back 40, I was reading something. My mother one time came down as we were all getting ready for the day and I was sitting on the toilet reading the phone book. (Don’t ask why she walked on me while I was sitting on the john, now that I look back on it it seems kind of odd.) When you grow up in a small town like Pulaski, N.Y., there’s not much of a phone book to read, but I like to think that reading that phone book prepared me for my present career as a telephone man.

Anyways, I’ve found my reading habit has translated well to the world of bits and bytes. I am adding more and more blogs to my blog roll on a daily basis. I’ve shunned making fun of people in the reality television message boards and usenet groups in favor of peering into the life of someone else that is living their life out loud on the internet. Why audition for CBS when you can put it all right here, forever archived on a computer backup tape?

I have a feeling that my current enjoyment in blogging will continue. I find it all so fascinating. People talking about comics, men talking their latest conquest, writers sharing their latest toys. It’s a wonderful way to keep your finger on the pulse of the people.

It’s also a great outlet for rambling on about the most trivial of things. It’s right up my alley.