8 Years.

First day, 2015.

I don’t talk about work very much on my personal blog. I gripe about it once in a while, as at times work can be quite intense, but for the most part my career hums along and I’m in a relatively good place.

Today I celebrate eight years with the company. When I started in 2015 I traveled a lot, particularly to Greenville, S.C., where the team I worked with at the time was based. I really like Greenville, S.C., particularly the downtown area. I’d like to go back there some time.

There have been many reorganizations in the past eight years, some changes in focus, and for the most part I’ve grown in my career. It’s a good feeling. When I started with the company I was hired on as an individual contributor. Today I have a team of 20 or so folks reporting to me.

On Monday I was promoted to the new title of Associate Director-IT Engineering. A director level position in a company this size is something I didn’t think I would ever achieve, but here I am.

I wouldn’t say that I’m comfortable in the new role, but I’m very pleased with the new opportunity and I’m content with the company. At this age, contentment is very important. Yes, there are very stressful days, but that’s what keeps me awake.

Life is definitely not boring.