So there’s a meme going around talking about “even though we differ in political beliefs, we can still be friends”. Differences in political beliefs are things like recognizing the difference in budgetary spending. Voting for a political party that will actively try to remove healthcare during a global pandemic or try their best to erase the validity of my marriage, hence bringing into the question the validity of my very being, is not a difference in political beliefs.

It’s a complete opposition of moral compass. It’s a lack of compassion. It’s the absence of a strong moral foundation.

It’s selfishness.

I don’t believe I’m selfish in wanting to enjoy the jubilation of a legal marriage to my husband. I believe my love has every right to be celebrated in the same manner as every other person’s love in this country. A vote for Trump is ultimately a vote against my marriage, against healthcare for everyone, and against a woman’s right to choose. Why would any self respecting woman vote to negate their right to make decisions regarding their own body?

I’ll never understand it.

So when I see the meme saying my friendship shouldn’t be based on your political beliefs, you’re right. They’re based on your character.

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