I was hoping to vote for Pete Buttigieg in the November election. A relatively young guy, Pete had accomplished a lot of what I’ve always wanted to be. Intelligent, multilingual, successful, confident, Pete was the total package. He has great ideas, he’s well spoken, and he was always a steadying force in the wild frenzy of the Democratic debates.

Since he has suspended his campaign, I honestly have no idea as to who I’m voting for, in the Illinois Primary or in November. Warren lost me when she took a DNA test. Klobuchar just rubs me as disingenuous. I can never tell if Biden knows where he is or not and Sanders just screams like the Scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz all the time. Politically, the majority of them are trying to out do each other in the crazy department. I have no motivation to vote for anyone in Congress, they haven’t gotten anything done in years. I think Biden missed his chance.

Pete embodied the hope and aspirations I believe we need for this country. I guess I’ll continue to follow him and his lead.

Godspeed Mayor Buttigieg, you’re a good man and you have great ideas. I hope to shake your hand someday.