Regardless of the outcome, I will be happy when the 2020 Presidential Election is behind us. Of course I prefer one candidate over the other, however, the stress of all of this election related crap on the news channels is enough to make me want to hide somewhere until it blows over.

The outcome will affect how I feel about this country, but the uncertainty of it all right now is the stress of the moment. I’ll worry about the rest once I know what we’re in for.


    1. My husband can’t imagine living anywhere except the U.S. I could easily leave this country without taking a second thought to do so. The U.S. I grew up in is long gone.

      1. That’s where I am. This isn’t the America I wanted. There’s far too much hate here, not enough science, and without America leading our world may soon be doomed due to climate issues. I want to live out my last few years somewhere away from the chaos and ideocracy.

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