Fun and Games Dept


And so I have completed another journey around the sun and lived to tell about it. We had a nice family dinner and the guys made a strawberry cheesecake to celebrate. I guess I’m in my mid 50s now. I’m cool with that.


It’s much too hot to go for my daily 30 minute walk during the day. Last year I walked very early in the morning, which doesn’t really work out well for my schedule on the weekends. This summer I’m walking after sunset and the change has worked out well.

I also gave up listening to podcasts while walking after returning from my storm chasing trip last month. The change has been good for my mental well-being. Listening to tech pundits argue and hypothesize over Elon Musk’s next move was getting tedious and was weighing down my mood. Now I enjoy the quiet of the desert and exchange pleasantries with neighbors also out walking during the golden hour.

We need everything we can do to make life better. These steps and this time are keeping me sane. I hope everyone can find their center or happy place. It would make the world a little more enjoyable.


The Monsoon has ramped up in these parts. Looking at the weather radar as I write this (21:27 / 9:27 PM MST), there’s a bunch of storms headed in our general direction from Mexico. We’ll see if they make it up here tonight.

In the meanwhile, during our adventures today we saw lots of lightning.  Lightning is cool.


My husband is an hour away from me in this photo.  This was taken on US 70 at the Arizona-New Mexico State Line.  I’m standing in Mountain Standard Time, he is standing in Mountain Daylight Time.


Our new Starbucks opened today. Our favorite location closed two weeks ago so they could move into this new location. It is large and bright and nice and quite enjoyable.

We’re Back!

Our webhosting company has completed the account migration activity and things are working quite well in our new server space. There’s one extension that needs to be reinstalled, and until that’s done some photos might appear sideways. You can tell which photos are uploaded directly from my phone versus more traditional avenues; the iPhone photos may go sideways until things are fixed.

I’m happy to have the blog (and other services) here working again, and they’re working much faster across the board. We’ve been with Machighway since 2009 and despite a few bumps in the road a while back, things are good. This makes me a happy geek.


It was time for a change. I’ve had the big mustache for several months and quite frankly I was getting tired of having to wipe mustard and barbecue sauce out of it and waking up with mustache (mine) in my mouth. So I went to trim it. And the trim guard popped off the clippers and I took a chunk out of my mustache, right above the right side of my lip. Apparently the fates determined I needed to just go with an airline pilot style mustache again, so here we are.

If I ever get one my airplanes up over 12,500 feet I’ll have a great seal on the oxygen mask.


I had to cancel my flight right before take-off. The engine was running rough and I wasn’t comfortable with taking a malfunctioning airplane a mile or more off the planet. So we reported the issue to maintenance and headed to the hangar.

As a consolation prize my husband and I stopped at a local Italian restaurant here in Tucson. It felt like it was right out of 1965 but it was a delight. There were two distinct parts to the menu: the original recipes and the “third generation” recipes, added by the current generation of owners.

I opted for the original recipe Eggplant Parmesan served “Joe’s style”, which included olive oil and red pepper flakes in the sauce. Joe definitely gave the sauce a kick and it was still quite enjoyable. We brought half of our dinner home due to the huge portions.

I look over to the leftovers.


There are some days where I just want to shut out the world and mindlessly watch videos on the Internet. YouTube suggested this “Bewitched” clip from the season five episode, “Samantha’s Super Maid”. I’ve always enjoyed this particular episodes; Endora has some great zingers, including when Samantha doesn’t know how to get rid of the maid (that will cause trouble for a home frequently visited by witches). “Samantha, you’ve been living this hum drum life for too long. Simply turn the creature into a toad and throw her out back!”.

Character actress Nellie Burt (playing Amelia, the maid) reminds me a bit of Grandma Country. Perhaps some of the facial expressions or mannerisms ring a memory or two for me.

White Sands.

After leaving Roswell yesterday morning I made my way south along US 70 towards Interstate 10. This brought me through the White Sands Missile Range and nearby White Sands National Monument, which apparently was renamed White Sands National Park during the Trump administration. I don’t know what the difference is between the two designations but some signs said “National Park” while others said “National Monument”.

I had a really fun time in the desert heat on the white sand. I didn’t stay outside for too long because I was worried about becoming sunburned, but I climbed a couple of the dunes and snapped some photos.