Fun and Games Dept

A Night Out.

We decided to go out to dinner this evening. It was a good time; even after 26+ years we still very much enjoy each other’s company

The service at the restaurant was a little uneven. This didn’t deter us from an enjoyable evening, but the awkwardness was noticeable. The server seemed to be struggling a little bit, for example, when he ran down the dessert list he mentioned “chocolate chip, pumpkin, strawberry shortcake, etc.” but didn’t tell us what the dessert actually was. To avoid making things more confusing, I passed on asking “chocolate chip, what?” and just went with strawberry shortcake, which turned out to be a cookie with a scoop of ice cream.


I had written a long post about modern day Christianity and my thoughts around it. I found the post to be extremely hostile and “loud”, something I’m trying to avoid this week.

Instead, here’s a video of Samantha and Endora arguing over the Stephens’ living room furniture.

Close Up.

When I was a young gay living in Boston (late 1980s), there were a couple of gay-oriented magazines that would have photographers milling around the bars on the weekend and taking photos for their publications. I never made it for one of my closeups back then as apparently I wasn’t photogenic enough for the use of the film.

Now there’s cameras everywhere with the vast majority of them on smartphones. Everyone has a camera. Still, there were one or two “event photographers” milling about the bar on Friday night. Some of the photos have come out today. Here’s one of them, with my husband and I standing with our friend Marshall (he’s the one in front) and a couple of other guys we were chatting with.


I’m a little concerned that the Vanilla Latte Buzz was spelled “Vanilla Late Buzz”, but it was still enjoyable for brunch over the weekend.

Vanilla Latte Buzz.

Dinner Out.

We went to a local restaurant called “The Barnyard” for supper. I was planning on an instrument flying lesson with trusty instructor Prabesh but the winds were a bit on the high side and the high temperatures of the desert would have made for a bumpy ride.

We had a nice time at The Barnyard.

Gen X Supper.

My husband is out socializing and the others in the house are eating leftovers, so I am left to my own devices for supper. I fell to my standby of popcorn and soup. It was delicious.